Our Journey to Binbrook

Our Journey to Binbrook

The idea to plant a new church in Binbrook initially felt like a huge and crazy undertaking. At the same time, it is a calling that God made so undeniably clear.

Kevin and Amanda had been part of a small group that was meeting in Binbrook in 2015. As Kevin finished school and they began seeking where God was leading them next, Binbrook continually came up in their hearts. Once they said yes to this call, God began to open up every door that needed to open. They connected with Gateway Church in Caledonia who became their sponsor church and God began to bring a group of people together who were passionate about this community and seeing a new church planted here.

Over the course of the last year and a half, they began meeting together in a living room on Sunday evenings and seeking God together. They continually asked the questions, how can we serve and love the community of Binbrook and how do we do that in the context of a church? So many are jaded with the church and the idea of God. So many are hurting. We desperately need hope. We need Him. And yet, church is so often the last place we look for help because people don’t often associate it with that.

The imagery of Jesus with the woman at the well in John chapter 4 continued to come up in Kevin’s mind as he would pray. The idea that God meets us right where we are, in all of our mess, brokenness, sin, and shame…this is radical love. As Jesus met with the woman at the well, an incredible encounter takes place.

Read John 4

We don’t go to church so that we can be good for God. We go because we believe that God is good, and that our Good and perfect God loves us, just as we are. And so we are compelled to worship Him, to get to know Him intimately, to ask Him the hard questions we wrestle with in our lives. We’re desperate for the living water He offers. It’s not that we can’t connect with Him or do these things on our own. But we believe God wants more for us and that seeking Him in the context of community is His idea. He did life together with His 12 disciples. They travelled together, ate together, prayed together, cried together, wrestled together, laughed together, sought the Father together. Church is so much more than a religious place. And so was birthed The Well Community Church.

A Place to Encounter Jesus. Rest. Community. Peace. Hope.

Will you join the adventure with us?

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